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The Indonesian Drone Industry: A Stage for Innovation and Collaboration

The collaboration between BETA and Assemblr in displaying mapping imagery with Augmented Reality.
The collaboration between BETA and Assemblr in displaying mapping imagery with Augmented Reality.

The Indonesian Drone Industry has now emerged as one of the most promising and exciting sectors to follow. As a relatively new industry, the development of local drone technology is driven by a spirit of drone industry collaboration and innovation, especially from the young generation part of the Unmanned System and Technology Association (ASTTA). The exploration of drone technology in Indonesia not only indicates significant potential in technical and commercial aspects but also proves the strong commitment of the drone industry players to push for technological independence in the country.

The Uniqueness of the Indonesian Drone Industry

One aspect that makes the Indonesian drone industry so unique is the underlying spirit of drone industry collaboration. Unlike other sectors where fierce competition and even negative campaigns are often found, the Indonesian drone industry shows unity and mutual support among companies. This is a real proof of the positive work ethic adopted by drone developers in Indonesia, most of whom are young people.

Business Matching 2024, Bali

A significant moment for the Indonesian drone industry occurred when BETA and other Indonesian drone companies like PT Inovasi Solusi Transportasi Indonesia (FROGS) and PT Karya Solusi Angkasa (FDS) – all members of ASTTA – participated in the Business Matching 2024 exhibition organized by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia on March 4-5 in Bali. This event was not only a showcase for the latest drone products that have obtained TKDN Drone certification but also proof of drone industry collaboration in advancing the local drone industry. In this event, we also met with PT Techno GIS Indonesia, which develops various systems and software for geospatial mapping.

BETA, FROGS, FDS, and Assemblr in the Business Matching event 2024.
BETA, FROGS, FDS, and Assemblr in the Business Matching event 2024.

Collaboration between BETA and Assemblr

At the Business Matching exhibition, BETA showcased the RAYBE mapping drone and collaborated with Assemblr to display the RAYBE mapping images. Assemblr is an Indonesian startup focused on developing an augmented reality drone platform. This collaboration shows how drone technology can be integrated with other technologies to create innovative solutions, such as geospatial mapping drones with AR displays that enrich the user experience.

Why the Drone Industry Deserves Attention?

Drones offer various benefits not limited to one or two sectors. From agriculture, geospatial mapping, to transportation, drone technology has the potential to change the way we work and interact with the surrounding world. Moreover, the local capability to master and develop this technology marks an important step towards technological independence in Indonesia.

The Indonesian drone industry reflects the dynamics, Indonesian drone innovation, and collaboration. Driven by the enthusiasm of the youth and a commitment to mutual support, this sector promises a bright future for the development of technology in the country. Let's collaborate and build technological independence in Indonesia together with BETA-UAS and ASTTA!



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