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BETA's Participation in Business Matching 2024: A Concrete Step Towards Technological Independence in Drone Technology

RAYBE attracts the interest of various local governments in Indonesia
RAYBE attracts the interest of various local governments in Indonesia

In an effort to strengthen the foundation of the local drone industry and realize technological independence in Indonesia, BETA-UAS actively participated in the Business Matching 2024 event held on March 4-7, 2024. This event, organized in collaboration between the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, serves as an important venue for domestic product developers to accelerate independence and enhance the innovative and quality production capabilities.

Focus on Domestic Product Independence

Business Matching 2024, emphasized by Coordinating Minister Luhut on the importance of using domestic products (DP), became a strategic moment for BETA to showcase the advancements in drone technology we have developed. This activity not only demonstrates BETA's commitment to product innovation and technological independence but also stands as real proof of support for the implementation of DP in Indonesia's strategic industry sectors.

Collaboration and Innovation

During the event, BETA had the opportunity to collaborate and interact directly with various stakeholders, from other technology developers and the government to potential clients. This was a golden opportunity to expand our network and introduce BETA's latest innovations, especially the RAYBE mapping drone, which has received TKDN certification, indicating our local production quality and capability.

Emphasis on the Use of Local Products

With the theme "Carving the Golden Future," Business Matching 2024 saw a significant increase in participant engagement and enthusiasm. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in its press release, highlighted the importance of this event in promoting economic growth through the use of local products. In line with this, BETA is committed to continually improving product quality and innovation, supporting the government's vision of building an independent and competitive industrial ecosystem.

BETA's participation in Business Matching 2024 is an important step in our journey towards technological independence. We hope this involvement not only boosts the visibility of BETA's products on the national stage but also strengthens our position as a major player in the local drone industry contributing to the achievement of domestic product independence.



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