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BETA-UAS Successfully Conducts Navigation System Inspection at Yogyakarta Airport Using IRIS Drone

IRIS conducted an ILS system inspection at Yogyakarta International Airport
IRIS conducted an ILS system inspection at Yogyakarta International Airport

BETA-UAS has achieved a significant milestone in the aviation industry by successfully conducting a navigation system inspection at Yogyakarta International Airport using the IRIS drone. This operation marks the first time in Indonesia that an airport navigation inspection has been performed using a drone, ushering in a new era in airport facility surveillance and maintenance.

For this operation, the IRIS drone was equipped with the EVSD1000 sensor from Rohde & Schwarz, a sophisticated device specifically designed to support ground checks of airport navigation systems such as the Instrument Landing System (ILS). The ILS is a crucial system that assists pilots during landings, especially in poor weather conditions or low visibility.

Location and Inspection Methodology

The inspection was conducted at Yogyakarta International Airport and the DVOR Gamping Building. This activity required stringent licensing stages, including the issuance of NOTAM (Notice to Airmen), to ensure that operations were safe and compliant with aviation regulations. The IRIS drone conducted various missions, including Localizer, Glide Slope, and VOR inspections, with high precision and efficiency.

Results and Benefits of the Inspection

Data analysis from the IRIS drone showed that the performance of the ILS at Yogyakarta International Airport is still in good condition, however, we recommended routine maintenance and software updates to ensure system reliability. The use of drones in these inspections offers many advantages, including enhanced flight safety, reduced time and costs for maintenance, and the ability to conduct more frequent and comprehensive inspections without disrupting airport operations.

The use of the IRIS drone with the EVSD1000 sensor by BETA-UAS in the navigation system inspection at Yogyakarta International Airport has proven effective in enhancing airport security and operational efficiency. This innovation not only boosts confidence in drone technology for critical applications like airport facility inspections but also sets a new standard in aviation infrastructure maintenance in Indonesia.


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