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Strengthening National Defense with Drone Technology: Building Collaboration between BETA-UAS and Koopssus TNI

Jakarta, 30 April 2024

BETA-UAS with Koopssus TNI
BETA-UAS with Koopssus TNI

BETA-UAS had the privilege of presenting the potential of domestic drone technology for Indonesia's defense to the Deputy Commander of Koopssus TNI, Brigadier General Ferry. This invitation marks a significant step in our efforts to support national security through advanced innovation and technology.

During the presentation, we highlighted various capabilities of BETA-UAS drones, including surveillance, high-risk area monitoring, and logistical support. We also discussed how drone technology can enhance the effectiveness of military operations and provide practical solutions for field challenges.

Brigadier General Ferry welcomed our presentation with great interest and showed enthusiasm for further collaboration. We are excited about this opportunity and are committed to continuously developing reliable technological solutions to support Indonesia's defense and security.

Stay updated with BETA-UAS for more information about our future projects and innovations!



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